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               Abel R. Jackson III is a deliberate creator who chooses to live his life as a visual artist. Looking back, his early life experiences prepared him for this particular endeavor. As a child, he excelled in the visual arts spending considerable time coloring and drawing for fun. It was not until Abel took his first art class in high school that he learned that his love for visual creation could be used as a powerful form of purposeful self-expression.

                In 1994 Abel, then known as Ronnie, enrolled at Winthrop University where he received a B.A. of Fine Arts specialization in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, he entered the corporate “rat race”. However, his employment was short lived as he quickly discovered that corporate America was not for him. Disappointed by his experience working for someone else, Abel naively jumped head first into a career as a visual artist. He immediately gravitated toward airbrushing. Not only did it provide a means for him to make a living as an artist but it also gave him the power to paint anything on anything. With this new found power, Abel began working in a local airbrush shop where he practiced for hours on end to develop his creative talent and gain a mastery over his medium of choice.

               In 2011 Abel created Art by Abel, custom airbrush painting, and design. His company provides masterful high-quality artwork and creative services. It is dedicated to the production of aesthetically pleasing and thought to provoke visual design. After 12 years of amazing experiences, Abel continues to persevere through many obstacles which help to expand his consciousness. Although he finds the artist lifestyle difficult at times, he remains committed to his creative path.



“My desire is to paint the contents of my heart. My mission is to create profound works of art that communicate spiritually uplifting ideas and concepts.  My objective is to stir the soul, stimulate the mind, and expand the consciousness - awareness of both the artist and viewer. My goal is to do this in the most masterful way possible. Currently I offer my talent to the general public painting on everything from t-shirts to car hoods…literally anything on anything. I take great pride in providing this purposeful function to my community. I spend my free time creating my own works of art which is the soul purpose behind all that I do. In this way, I do what I love so that I can do what I love. I am grateful.”     



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